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Eric Kigada - A Case Against the Elevated Uhuru Highway

I have been skeptical about the venture ever since it came to light as nobody has made a strong case of why we need it in the first place........ Read More

Gideon Ngumbau:  Its the Building Code. Stupid !. Lessons from Chile and Haiti

Two major earthquakes in quick succession:  One shocking in its devastation and damage, the other, though several hundred times stronger, much less deadlier. Read More

Githinji Mbugua - Real Estate: Gain or Drain?

‘When the economy is doing well, one of the first sectors to rise is construction. It is also the first to hurt when the economy slows ….’ This statement sounds very true especially when said by ‘professionals’ and ‘experts’ in ‘real estate’; but is it? Read More

Martin Tairo - Solutions to Traffic Menace go Beyond Roads Construction

Dealing with traffic congestion has numerous entry points that have been discussed in ‘first class’ theses and research reports before....... Read More

George Arabbu: Hawker's City

The council askari maintains the law as per the written/unwritten existing rules and regulations. Hawkers contribute to much of the dirt in the city streets; they crowd the pedestrian routes forcing people to squeeze with speeding vehicles. Read More